Personal data

joint use of personal data

The following information will be used jointly by the People's Bank moog and making the payment online and your bank to process the payment of your order, that load bank checks and prevention against fraud:

1. your name and address;
2. the information on your credit card;
3. identification of products that you ordered
4. the price paid for the products you ordered;

Your bank is responsible for his use of your personal data and should be contacted in case of questions about it.
The information defined as personal data will be used jointly by moog to ensure that your personal data are hosted in a secure environment.


Moog is committed to protecting your personal data.
We will take all necessary measures business to ensure that the details of your order and your payment are kept safely. 

Your rights

If you want disclosure, correction or deletion of your personal data, or if you want to use them constantly moog, moog process your request in accordance with the law and applicable regulations. If you request that your personal data be deleted or moog stop using them, your registration with moog will be canceled.
For inquiries regarding your Personal Data thank you to send a message to

If you choose to share information with friends or others using our services, you assume full responsibility for the messages you send via the website or the personal data of third parties that you provide. Moog retains these personal data only to send the requested e-mail unless you send the email yourself.

moog may, at any time, to modify this Privacy Policy to ensure compliance with legislative changes.

The Privacy Statement is governed by French law and will be interpreted according to the law without regard to its conflict of law rules. Any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.


The information on the website is presented for general information only. Moog is committed to provide accurate and complete information. However, moog can not affirm or guarantee that the moog Content is accurate, reliable and free of errors or that its use will not infringe rights of third parties. Any use of the Website is done at the risk of the user.

In addition, although moog endeavor to check the photographs and other graphic representations of its products on the website are representative of the color, design, style, etc. original products, slight variations, dissimilarities and / or differences with the original product may occur due to technical factors such as browser settings or your computer, or for any other reason. Moog can not be held responsible for the differences shown in the photographs and graphic representations between the products presented on the website and original products.
Moog does not guarantee that the functional aspects and / or technical website or moog content are error free or that this website, the content of moog or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. If the use of the Website or the content of moog causes a nuisance for the user binding to the repair or replacement of goods, equipment, content or data, moog shall not be liable for costs incurred by these operations. In general, all the information contained on the website are provided "AS IS" AND "AS than accessible" WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITY, D FITNESS FOR PURPOSE OR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, REASONABLE CARE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Moog makes no warranty as to the text, software, downloads, graphics, links and content moog or the results obtained from the use of the site. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, the foregoing exclusions may not apply.

social networking

When you visit the Facebook page of moog and you post comments or report that you like items, moog may collect information about you and to select the most active fans on its Facebook page. We may use this information to invite you to participate in events of interest to you, based on your activity on the Facebook page of moog. Facebook may also collect information about you when you visit the Facebook page of moog; the use made by Facebook of your information is described in its privacy policy.

Notes to parents

Moog will not intentionally collect personal identifiable information from minors (including children under 18 years). If, in your capacity as a parent or legal guardian, you want to know if your child is registered at one of our services, or if you wish to cancel your child's registration and delete details, please contact by e-mail at or by post to the address below, by joining the official documents proving your status as a parent or legal representative:

Data Protection
38, Hermitage Alley

Any communication with moog of identifying data such as name, address, contact numbers and preferences etc. (Hereinafter "Personal Data") on the occasion of a request, a submission or registration with moog services, either by phone or on a registration form, is carried out voluntarily, agreed and knowingly.

The registration forms contain both mandatory fields (indicated by an asterisk (*)) and optional fields; if you do not complete the required fields, moog may not be able to respond to your request or activate the options you have selected.

Collection and use of personal data

To place an order at our website or by phone, you must provide personal information, including your name, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address and other personal data, if any, such as a billing address and bank details.

moog and third-party vendors may collect additional personal data for security reasons and for purposes of the fight against fraud.


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This page allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to use existing tools to configure them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a website or viewing an advertisement. In particular, they aim to collect information about your visits to sites and to send you personalized services.
In your computer cookies are managed by your web browser.

Different types of cookies

Different types of cookies are used on our website:

Strictly necessary cookies

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Analytical cookies

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Functional cookies

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The refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our site. However denying advertising cookies do not result in the ending of advertising on our site or on the Internet.
This will only effect of displaying an advertisement that does not take into account your interests or preferences .
These cookies depend mainly advertising agencies.

Accept or decline cookies

You have different ways to manage cookies.

The settings of your web browser

You can always choose to disable these cookies. Your browser can also be set to alert you to cookies that are deposited in your computer and ask you to accept or not. You can accept or reject cookies on an individual basis or disallow cookies once and for all.

We remind you that the setting may change your conditions of access to services requiring the use of cookies.

If your browser is configured to reject all cookies, you can not make purchases or take advantage of key features of our site, such as storing items in your shopping cart or receiving personalized recommendations. To manage cookies closer to your expectations please change your browser settings taking into account the purpose of the cookies as mentioned above.

Here's how to control or prevent the setting of cookies:
The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu on your browser, allowing you to learn how to change your wishes regarding cookies.

You can disable cookies by following the instructions as follows:

1 / If you are using Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Internet Options.
On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings.
Click the View Files button.
Click 'header column Name to sort all files alphabetically, and then scroll down until you see the files beginning with the prefix "Cookie". (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).
Select the cookies including the name "moog" and delete
Close the window that contains the list of files and double-click once OK to return to Internet Explorer. 

2 / if you use the Firefox browser
Go to the tab "Tools" from the browser menu and select "Options"
in the window that appears, choose "Privacy" and click on "Show Cookies
In the window that 'appears, choose "Privacy" and click on "show cookies
Locate the files that contain the name" moog "Select them and delete them. 

3 / if you use the Safari browser
In your browser, choose Edit> Preferences.
Click Security.
Click Show Cookies.
Select the cookies that contain the name "moog" and click Clear or Clear All.
After deleted cookies, click Done.

4 / if you use the Google Chrome browser
Click the Tools menu icon.
Select Options.
Select the Advanced tab and find the "Privacy" section.
Click the Show Cookies button.
Locate the files that contain the "moog" Select them and delete them.
Click "Close" to return to your browser 

Setting a cookie management platform

You can manage your cookies by visiting cookies management platforms offered by advertising professionals.

More information on cookies

On the website of the CNIL: