Hovel, the founder and the designer of moog, was born to a family linked with the watch trade for generations. His father, a distributor of fine Swiss brands such as IWC, Blancpain and Breitling, was an entrepreneur.  Hovel, also an entrepreneur, is, by his own account, a designer and a dreamer at heart.

Following family tradition,  Hovel got involved in the watch industry early on  in his career. He designed watches such as the famous Parentheses for the Swiss watch brand Tellus.
When fashion became the main criterion for buying a watch, Hovel noticed that women often buy a watch based on the material, pattern, touch or the color of the watch strap. He had the clever idea of creating a watch which allows its owner to easily change the strap to match her outfit,  environment or simply her mood. Hovel branded moog Paris, the made in France,  lifestyle “concept watch” for ladies only.

Careers like teaching and preaching cannot be considered  jobs. They are vocations. Likewise, one cannot become a designer.One is either born with the sensitivity to create, or not.Whenever Hovel is confronted with an “unfriendly” object, he redesigns it. He is a dreamer, often absorbed in imagination. His designs are “user friendly”, have nice curves and shades, are unique and neat. Rather than designing by computer, he believes creative design could be best realized by a pencil and an eraser.

Hovel is also extremely perseverant. Having an idea is important. Bringing it to life, requires determination. Over time, Hovel has developed a variety of products ranging from garments, to leather goods, to household objects and furniture. Some are unique pieces, for his home use; others have been mass produced and have become success stories.
The concept, known as “Time Change” has a utility patent for its technical innovation. It won the "Prix d'horlogerie" best watch award at the 2011 PrintOr International Jewelry show in France.

moog, a new watch for a new day!